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~!~ NeW MeSsY ViDeOs ~!~ [Sep. 18th, 2007|12:11 pm]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |busybusy]
[packing my ears with |Super tramp - Supertramp - Take a look at my girlfriend]

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NEW videos:

"MeSsY DriVeS TaNkS"

"Messy visits Prime Duchess"


"Alpha Shemale vs. Space Island"

tons more messy on youtube
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Messy's Europe LOG pt. 2: PARIS [Aug. 29th, 2007|06:34 pm]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |busybusy]
[packing my ears with |Super tramp - Supertramp - Take a look at my girlfriend]


monday, june 25

mom and i took the eurostar underwater train from london to paris and ended up at the gare du nord train station in northeast paris. we were welcomed by pounding rain, booked hotels and non-english-speakers. basically, we were fucked. we found some tiny room in a hotel with no lights up the 8 flights of stairs. god, i'm a diva. this is ROUGHING it for me...

some fucking gayass airshow was in town and every hotel was booked solid... or so the locals kept telling us. i'll give them an airshow... RIGHT OUT MY ASS.

tuesday, june 26:
got up early, went down to notre dome on the subway and spent 2 hours walking around with all our shit 'til we FINALLY found somewhere to stay... we thought we were gonna' have to revert to our crackwhore gutterslut beginnings and sleep on park benches, wee!!!

this is the view from our hotel room, where many projectiles were launched at many drunken parisians who were unfortunate enough to find their way down our blissful street:

after that, we walked around, took some photos

their ice cream and treats ruled! this ice cream had silver balls stuck to the outside and the handle was a tube of usable glitter. i'm a drag queen!!

and went to the eiffel tower, where i had to commemorate my 2nd trip to the top with my 2nd loogy off the top... watch the video at the end of this post!

check out the arc de triomphe in the middle of the picture:

then we ate some fancy french food, which i ended up vomitting into our hotel room's bidet later that night... YUMMY!!

the restaurant had a porno plate on the wall and started snickering when they saw us taking pics of it, heeeEEEEE. PERVERTS!

wednesday, june 27:
we went to notre dame and set some shit on FIYAHH:

then we went to the louvre, but we didn't go inside because art is for pussies:

then, off to hang out with my friend, jasmin, who trained up to hang out and take pics for the evening - here are some of his shots:

thursday, june 28:
we went to the parisian catacombes!!!

i ended up smuggling out a bone chunk in my panties and by the time i got out of range of security, i had bone marrow crumbs all up in my pussy. that's something i never thought i'd have happen: human bone marrow crumbs stuck to my vag.... YUMMY!!


then we hopped on a train to prague... we had a PIMP sleeper car... more to come with the next post!!!


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Messy's Europe LOG pt. 1: LONDON [Aug. 9th, 2007|04:56 pm]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |bouncybouncy]

Messy's Europe LOG pt. 1: LONDON

so... why did i go to europe? i was SUPPOSED to go there to record a hit single that would end up making me rich and famous beyond my wildest dreams. however, that fell through.

those sorts of "to-good-to-be-true" things always do.

so i rescheduled my trip so that i would be overseas for 3 weeks rather than 3 days. the trip was, for the most part, paid for... so i decided to beat that dead horse with a 2x4 into the ground, so deep that you'd never find the condoms.. wait,, what??

and here, my darlings, is my stinky travel LOG


monday, june 18:

i left LA at 11am on the 18th and arrived in london at 10am on the 19th, that's 19 hours of travel with about an hour of sleep...

tuesday, june 19:
as soon as i got off the plane, i trained to central london and met up with a buddy who took me straight to a recording studio, where i laid down lead vocals on one track and backup vox on about 5 other tracks. i can't say who the recording was for or anything.. it's a SECRET, but it's gonna' kick some serious ass, so bend over and touch your toes, ma.

after that i slept for 12 hours at my friend, pop's house. he's my technicolor butt buddy in london, weeEEEEE!!!!

wednesday, june 20:
grow a beard day. had a shoot, but they cancelled... wee!

thursday, june 21:
9am shoot with team assassin at the university of arts london. i dragged my happy ass outta' bed and met up with white storm, while johnny lazer was busy collecting dead and skinned rabbits for our shoot. i shat my pantaloons with ultimate joyousness when i heard that... i love me some skanky goreparts to play with, wee! he also showed up with tons of tortured, burned and defiled barbie dolls to play with. the shoot ruled and we got some good shots. more to come when i get the cd of images in the mail, but here's a preview playing card they made for me, wee!


after the shoot, i had to rush to meet up for the 2nd photoshoot of the day. regis hertrich was the photographer and he was so awesome and sweet with his french accent. YES!! those photos won't be seen by the light of day for a long time, so don't get your panties in a bunch over that, kiddies.


that night there was supposed to be a grime party and a punk show that we were all supposed to go to. i was supposed to meet up with roxy and chill with her peeps, but she never made it to london, wah!

friday june 22:
shoot with aiko in finsbury park. it went really well and we got some really kickass images. more to come:

candid from after the shoot:


after that i blacked out for a few days... ;)

saturday june 23:
pop and i went to slimelight and met up with regis, the photographer... it was awesome and i met 3 messy stench fans, which was sorta' strange and unexpected...


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NeW ViDeO: Messy on Nickelodeon's Just Jordan [Aug. 1st, 2007|12:51 am]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |hyperhyper]
[packing my ears with |Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies (Daft Punk Remix)]

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This is a 2 second appearance on nickelodeon's show, "just jordan", so don't get your knickers in a bundle. I just think it's funny that I got cast on a kid's TV show, haahahaha.:

more messy appearances coming up! if you've recorded anything with messy in it, we'll trade you cool shit for a copy of it!
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GwAr PiCs [Jun. 3rd, 2007|01:32 pm]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |pissed offpissed off]

back in oct i spent a week touring/hanging with my best buddy, mattron from gwar... feel the wrath of the photodocumentation:

hollywood blvd. is for WHORES

mattron and todd

getting ready for our photoshoot

we befriended a travelling carnival freak show, 999 eyes!!


jackie of all trades

i have a crush on lowrent the clown:

dogs love him.

back on the bus, tod WANTS A HAMBURGER

meat our buttbaby! wooOOOOoo PAW!!

mattron, you won THIS battle...

backstage wit my homies


supermodel spotted on hollywood blvd.

this year's obsession: guitar hero

post show lubb

the stories ARE true


hollywood suckas


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MeSsY's EuRoPeAn ToUr [May. 29th, 2007|03:12 pm]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |excitedexcited]
[packing my ears with |Hardstyle HB-msng-msng]

messy is touring europe from june 19th through july 7th!!

she is booking photoshoots and would also like to meet club promoters that are interested in future tour booking. contact messy ASAP to make arrangements or you may miss her!

messy also wants to MEET HER PEOPLE (gutter muppets, geniuses, subcult icons, superfans and superfreaks)... you know who you are, folks, so NOW IS THE TIME!!

she will be in london from june 19th through june 23rd, then her schedule is up in the air, but she will most likely be visiting these countries: belgium, france, spain, switzerland, italy, austria, hungary, germany, poland, czech republic, the netherlands, sweden and denmark.

also, messy will be travelling with just a backpack, so any free housing, washing machines or meals would be awesome!

either hit her up on myspace or via email: messy@messystench.com

img © wickedswank.org
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MeSsY & CoMbiChRiSt [May. 21st, 2007|01:34 am]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |excitedexcited]
[packing my ears with |deathbed - combichrist]

subscribe to messy's youtube!!

checkout messy in the brand new video for combichrist's "deathbed":

also check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage by messy:

tons more messy on youtube

and, of course, photos!!

franck from das bunker and i, durrty durrty style:

andy biting my head:

boxes of DOOM:

franck getting "the treatment"

bad ass:

gaytastic parasol of faggotry:
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Call for LA area Messy Stench fans! [May. 15th, 2007|01:07 am]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |excitedexcited]
[packing my ears with |Back in Time-Huey Lewis & the News]

Messy is looking for someone that would like to attend certain events with her as a "Shenanigans Archivist" a few times a month. We're looking for someone that has fun in strange situations and can capture that on videocamera. This is UNPAID but if you're fan of what Messy does and love her scene, you're in for a blast.

Your duties would only include showing up, hanging out at various events with Messy and her CrAzY friends (shows, clubs, happenings, shoots, roadtrips, illegal missions, radio shows, meetings, live performances, etc.) and videotaping everything with our camera. No video experience required, though it's preferred.

You know you want to party with the Stench clan, so shut up and GO FOR IT.

Myspace Messy for more info.

~craptabucrew '07

join my myspace fangroups:
Da Messy Hizzouse
Goddess Messy
Messy Stench Worship
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new vid: MeSsY DoEs TiJuAnA [May. 11th, 2007|01:26 pm]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |bouncybouncy]
[packing my ears with |Noisekick - Only DJ Noisekick Will Survive-A1-[CUNT 005] - Death To The Boybands]

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NEW video: "messy does tijuana" featuring the illustrious aaron haefele and amy!

tons more messy on youtube
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~!~ NeW SoNg ~!~ [Apr. 18th, 2007|12:16 pm]
miss messy stench
[lookit me! i'm |naughtynaughty]
[packing my ears with |Hardstyle HB-itunes radio]

check out messy's new song, "posse montage" on myspace FREE FOR DOWNLOAD! this is a combination of messy's vocal parts for:

(R.O.D. track ft. messy stench, le cock sportiff, scott la rock)

(gut rmx by bonah ft. messy stench, bukkake boy, otto von schirach, tying tiffany, j-blow, grossiss, lil ant)

"deadly combination"
(R.O.D. posse track ft.messy stench, bonah, frauenarzt, manny marc akak freddy krueger, otto von schirach, schwartz, insano, sucht, myles conner, splattervotzzze, infarkt, totengraeber)

"gigolo warfare"
(gutto track ft. messy stench, scott la rock, martin e.t.s., c-grim, mc bushpig, insano & otto von schirach)

some of these parts have NEVER been heard BEFORE, so be sure to check out messy's page, download the track and tell all your little, pointy faced squirrel friends to bury their nuts in THIS abyss of filth and scum!

also, check messy's page for frequent video, blog and photo updates!

photo of messy and mattron of gwar by coy kohler!!
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